Comprehensive General Liability

As Claims professionals, The Insurance Archaeologist™ experts have multi-line adjuster experience. They have handled many liability claims arising under Comprehensive General Liability policies. In addition, as Risk Managers they have had responsibility for developing specifications for, and purchasing of, General Liability policies for employers in various industries.

Directors & Officers

With experience as Risk Managers, our experts have experience in developing the specifications for, and the purchasing of, Directors & Officers (D&O) policies for employers in various industries. As a result, they understand the intricacies of the D&O policy form and additionally have experience in the supervision of large Directors & Officers liability claims.

Fidelity Bonds

Our experience in the area of fidelity bonds comes as both Claims Adjusters and Corporate Risk Managers. As Claims Adjusters we have handled fidelity bond claims and, as Risk Managers, we have had the responsibility for purchasing fidelity bonds for corporate employers. One expert witness case experience with financial institution fidelity claims pertained to a large defalcation from a financial institution.

Policy Interpretations

As Claims Managers The Insurance Archaeologist™ experts have experience in interpreting policy language based on insurance company guidelines. As Expert Witnesses for insurance companies, we provide expert analysis and testimony on a wide range of coverage issues.

Policy Selection Procedures

The Insurance Archaeologist™ team’s experience as Risk Managers provides the ability to write specifications for insurance coverage and follow up to ensure compliance with all specifications. A part of policy selection is to know the corporate appetite for risk. That is, how much risk is the corporation willing to accept in exchange for a reduction in insurance costs.

Professional Liability

As Claims Adjusters we have worked on a number of professional liability claims, usually doing field work such as taking statements from doctors and other witnesses, and as Risk Managers have been responsible for the oversight of professional liability claims for city firefighters and police. Other responsibilities have been in the handling of many professional liability claims of paramedics, including fatalities in some very severe injury cases. In addition, we have experience in Professional Liability claims for attorneys

Property & Casualty

We are experienced in the area of property and casualty coverage as Claims Adjusters, Claims Supervisors, Claims Managers and Risk Managers. As Claims professionals we have adjusted and managed a wide variety of claims, including: property losses, such as windstorm and fire damage to residential and commercial buildings; and personal property losses, such as burglary and theft. In the area of casualty coverage our experience covers the following areas: personal and commercial vehicle liability claims, personal and commercial general liability claims, directors & officers liability claims, and paramedic medical malpractice claims.

Retrospectively Rated Plans

As Risk Managers, The Insurance Archaeologist™ team is experienced in dealing with retrospectively rated plans in the areas of workers’ compensation and general liability. Ability to review the policy wording and calculate the retrospectively rated premium and familiarity with the security requirements of retrospectively rated plans.

Surety Insurance

Our experts have experience with surety coverage from the view of a public entity requiring surety in the form of bid bonds and performance bonds for public works projects. Additional experience from the aspect of an entity bidding on numerous contracts requiring performance bonds and the various security methods to secure such bonds.

Umbrella Policies

The Insurance Archaeologist™ team is experienced in the selection and placement of umbrella insurance policies up to $100 million in limits. One of the most important parts of a well-designed insurance plan is the foundational or primary limits over which the umbrella policies are placed, as that sets the underlying coverage.

Vehicle Fleet Insurance

The team’s experience as corporate Risk Managers covered responsibility for vehicle fleet insurance for large semi-trucks making urban deliveries seven days per week, and for the fifth largest US city with a fleet of hundreds of vehicles including police, fire, trash, and buses. Additional responsibilities have covered a fleet of over 2,500 emergency vehicles nationwide.


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