April 2016

Counsel has commended you for great work. More specifically, “Bob is doing an outstanding job and did a great report, feels like he will have a nice solid end result”.

IMS ExpertServices

September 16, 2013


Thanks for the lead.

I contacted Burke ______  and discussed the case with him.  He was quite impressed with you and your assistance.

He and I got along fine and it looks like we will be working together.

Many thanks.

Lee __________

December 6, 2011


I am happy to inform you that we have just settled this case.  While the terms of the settlement are confidential, I can tell you that my client is pleased.

I am likewise pleased with your services, and thank you again for your work in this matter.
Thanks, Bob, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Andy _________

March 27, 2014


Good news!   The Court granted summary judgment in favor of Maryland Casualty Company as to any and all of the claims which __________ asserted in this case (including the breach of contract claims and the bad faith claims).   If __________ does not file a motion for reconsideration and/or appeal the Court’s order, this case will be over.  We are guardedly optimistic that ___________ will not pursue any such motion or appeal.

We appreciate your assistance as an expert witness in this matter.   As you might imagine, both we and the folks at Maryland Casualty Company are pleased with the result.  If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Beth _______

Jan 4, 2012

Dear Bob,

Thanks for your holiday greetings. I hope you have a good holiday yourself.
You may be interested, at long last, in the attached decision, which issued earlier this year. Plus a total of over $400K in attorney fees awarded.

Thanks again for your role in helping make this happen.

Be well,

Arden ______